Coffee and Comics

19 12 2006

Details for the first meeting of the graphic novel offshoot from the Book Group, Coffee and Comics, can be found over on a new blog here.

January 2007 meeting

19 12 2006

The Book Group meeting for January 2007 will take place on Tuesday 30th in the usual haunt of Henderson’s on Hanover Street (hopefully a bit quieter and in our usual spot this time) at 6pm. The book under discussion will be Robert A Heinlein’s SF war tale of man versus superbug Starship Troopers.

December meeting

1 12 2006

The December meeting will fall on Tuesday 19th at the usual time of 6pm in Henderson’s on Hanover Street. It’s Beth’s turn to choose this month and she has selected a classic from one of the godfather’s of SF, Herbert George Wells, The Island of Doctor Moreau, with themes of eugencics, race and manipulation of nature by man which seems to become more relevant every decade. Since this is such an old book it is well outside copyright, meaning there are many budget Penguin Classics and the like editions to be had, or you can get the text free from Project Gutenberg.

November meeting

24 10 2006

After a terrific meeting tonight (ticked all the boxes – great turnout, good book with tons to discuss and everyone liked it) for Michel Faber’s Under the Skin we’ve picked out book and date for next month. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 28th of November at 6pm in Henderson’s and the book under discussion will be Provender Gleed by James Lovegrove, a book set in a world much like ours except run by the Families (the great Families have run everything since the Borgias and the Medicis formed an alliance), playing with notions of celebrity, hereditary power, class, inequality and also some fine humour and the world’s only anagrammatic detectives.

October meeting

28 09 2006

The meeting for October will take place on Tuesday 24th at 6pm in Henderson’s on Hanover Street. Our latest member Jer had the choice for this month and he’s picked one of the books that put a revamped Edinburgh publisher, Canongate, on the UK-wide literary map with Michel Faber’s Under the Skin.

September 2006 meeting

30 08 2006

After struggling to choose between Jennifer Government and Singularity Sky (and then lately Provender Gleed after a certain someone mentioned a James Lovegrove-related Gleed tale) Chris has settled on Jennifer Government by Max Barry for September’s meeting, which will be on Tuesday 26th in Henderson’s as usual.

This meeting will be starting a little earlier this time due to commitments (5.30 instead of 6 for the kick-off if folks can manage it, if not toddle in at the usual time and we will just talk about you until then). And what a great turn-out and meeting last night for August’s discussion of Lathe of Heaven! Next up to choose should be Jer for October.

July meeting postponed to August

24 07 2006

The July meeting for Urusla le Guin’s Lathe of Heaven has been postponed due to holidays and other commitments tying up too many members. The meeting will now take place on Tuesday 29th of August at 6pm in Henderson’s on Hanover Street.

June meeting

20 06 2006

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday the 27th of June at 6pm in our usual haunt of Henderson’s yummy veggie/wholefood bistro on Hanover Street in Edinburgh’s New Town. The book for June will be the classic Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe, dating from 1972 and told as a series of overlapping novellas; as ever all are welcome to come along and join in.

May meeting

28 04 2006

The meeting for the merry month of May will take place on Tueday the 30th, from 6 to 7pm in Henderson’s on Hanover Street. The book under discussion will be Polystom by the most excellent Adam Roberts. All are welcome.

Edinburgh SF Book Group reschedule – April and May

10 04 2006

The March meeting of the Edinburgh SF Book Group which had to be cancelled due to the transport strike will now take place at the end of this month in the April meeting slot, so March becomes April and April’s book becomes May and so on (as a lifelong Doctor Who fan I feel I have a right play with Time). So Tuesday 25th of April will now be dedicated to the book which should have been March’s choice, Ishuguro’s Never Let Me Go, with Adam Roberts’ Polystom now moving to 30th May. The Book Group meets on the last Tuesday of each month in Henderson’s on Hanover Street, Edinburgh from 6 to 7pm, all are welcome.