30 11 2004

After much discussion at tonight’s meeting (which, alas, stopped Beth from espousing her Feminist points of view on the Margaret Atwood choice for November) then more at the cosier environs of the Guildford Arms we dithered between the classic reprint, Grass by the wonderful Sheri S Tepper and the rather newer but equally wonderful Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (excellent review here) by Susanna Clarke. After pondering, drinking (some lovely Arran Fireside seasonal ale on offer, yummy), much wandering off the subject we came down on the side of the Jonathan Strange for our Book Group choice for January, since the hiatus over Xmas gives everyone a good bit of time to read what is, to be fair, a hefty tome.

For February we decided to go for a complete change of theme and pace with Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (the adult version, Malice in Pornoland, was held, on reflection, not to be part of the canon). Front runner for March therefore is likely to be the aforementioned Grass. As ever, send in ideas, suggestions etc.

We’re also planning an informal meet on Tuesday 21st December since we aren’t having an in-store official meeting. Possibilities run from watching a DVD and drinkies (Troy appears to be a front runner, along with a cast of thousands of thighs) or we could have a trip to the movies to see the Lemony Snicket film (if you haven’t read any of these wonderful Edward Gorey-esque books you really need to) – the Warner Village is pretty close to the store and central, as well as handily near the Guildford too.


11 11 2004

Beth has been the first of our group to come forward and share some of her personal thoughts and musings – have a look at her contribution to the August choice of Fire and Hemlock. Come on the rest of you, your opinions are actively sought, so send them in! We’re also still needing to settle on a choice of book for January and February as well as a date for our Xmas drinkies.

And on the subject of impending Festive Cheer (now available in aerosol form), may I take the opportunity to point you all to a gorgeous potential gift from a wee independent Glasgow outfit Metaphrog in the form of Louis? Yes, I know I am a shameless book pimp, but it is a lovely wee book and they deserve support.