March meeting postponed

28 03 2006

Due to the problems caused by the bus strike in Edinburgh the March meeting scheduled for tonight has been postponed and will be rescheduled as soon as is suitable for everyone.


1 03 2006

The book under discussion for the March meeting of the Edinburgh SF Book group is the latest novel from Booker-shortlisted Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go, which follows the story of an idyllic school for children which is not all that it seems.

It is a powerful and moving book (so Susan tells us, we will all find out when we read it and discuss it!) which raises issues of the meaning in life, friendship and loss of innocence. Never Let Me Go is also one of the shortlisted novels on this year’s prestigious Arthur C Clarke Award.

The March meeting of the book group will be from 6 to 7pm in the warm environs of Henderson’s on Hanover Street on Tuesday the 28th of March with all welcome to come along.


1 02 2006

The February meeting of the Edinburgh SF Book Group will take place on Tuesday the 28th, from 6 to 7pm in Henderson’s on Hanover Street. The lovely people at Henderson’s have very kindly allowed us to make this our ‘official’ home now, reserving us a space each month and we’d all like to thank them for their generosity (and highly recommend them for gorgeous food and drink!).

The book for February will be a classic from the 1960s, a work often held up by critics as one of the most important SF novels ever, Babel 17 by Samuel R Delany. Does it deserve these critical plaudits? Why not come along and find out?


8 12 2005

Well, we’ve just had out last meeting of the year this evening where we had a very enjoyable discussion of Jeff VanderMeer’s City of Saints and Madmen. Jeff himself very kindly emailed us some observations on the work and on novel discussion in general which added a nice element to the proceedings.

The next meeting will be on January Tuesday 31st 2006 at the usual time of 6pm, again in Henderson’s cafe on Hanover Street in the New Town. The book under discussion for January will be the Booker-nominated Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, a work which has great appeal to both SF and non-SF readers.

We have also decided to return to our old format of holding meetings on a fixed time of month, so we are aiming to hold all future meeting from the January 31st meet onwards on the last Tuesday of each month.


13 11 2005

The December meeting of the Edinburgh SF Book Group will take place on Thursday the 8th of December at 6pm, with the venue once more being Henderson’s yummy veggie/wholefood restaurant on Hanover Street. The book under discussion will be City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff VanderMeer. It comprises four novellas set in and around his city of Ambergris and associated material pertaining to the city (like the squid in the nearby river) – Jeff has a new full-length novel set in Ambergris, Shriek, due out in January in the UK, which I hope will confirm him to larger audiences as a wonderfully unusual and inventive writer. All are welcome to come along and join in.


25 10 2005

For a change we are moving to a Thursday this month instead of the usual Tuesday. November’s meeting of the Edinburgh SF Book Group will be on Thursday 10th November at 6pm and we will be meeting once more in Henderson’s (the great wholefood and veggie place) on Hanover Street in the New Town. The book will be Alfred Bester’s classic The Demolished Man (making Bester the first author to have had two books covered). Details of December’s meeting aren’t fixed yet, but the book will be Jeff VanderMeer’s excellent City of Saints and Madmen collection.

October meeting change

3 10 2005

Because of various clashes we’ve decided to move the October meet scheduled for Tuesday 4th to the following week, Tuesday 11th October. The meeting will still be at 6pm in Henderson’s veggie restaurant in Hanover Street and the book is V For Vendetta.


19 09 2005

Oops, missed posting September… D’oh. Well, September’s meet for Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon has been and gone. October’s meeting is now set for Tuesday 4th October at 6pm in Henderson’s, 94 Hanover Street in the New Town (the yummy veggie cafe/restaurant). The book under discussion will be Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V For Vendetta, often held to be on of the Big Three (along with Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns) which helped create the modern, mature graphic novel.


13 06 2005

The next meeting of the book group will be on Friday July 1st at 6pm in Cafe Nero (on the side of Blackwell’s Bookshop on South Bridge). The book under discussion will be the exceptionally cool contemporary novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by author and Boing Boing stalwart Cory Doctorow.


5 03 2005

The March meeting of the Book Group will take place on Tuesday 22nd (a week earlier than usual) when we will be discussing Sheri S Tepper’s classic novel Grass (available from the SF Masterworks series) from around 6pm.

Thanks to Jen and the generosity of her uncles we will be meeting in the library room of the Melville House Hotel on Rothesay Place in the New Town (only a street or two from Dean Bridge and Palmerston Place, so pretty central) and, presumably also meeting in the bar as well… Anyone in the Edinburgh area who is interersted in coming along is more than welcome – contact me for any details.

Just realised we probably should have done last month’s book this month instead since it is now the official season of Mad March Hares 🙂