28 10 2004

November’s selection is a bit more ‘mainstream’ (i.e. the literati and the author like to pretend this isn’t SF a lot of the time!) for us as we take on the last novel by Booker-prize winning author Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake (yes folks, it’s another Beth special! Go, Beth!). The next meeting is on Tuesday November 30th (Saint Andrew’s Night no less) from the usual time of 6-7pm. And it has a very cute laughing pig on the cover, which didn’t influence our selection at all, no sirree.



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2 11 2004

Oink! Yes, expect lots of feminism and use of the word ‘ambiguous’ at the next meeting.

I wondered if anyone had any further ideas about a film to watch in December, and whether we were going to meet on 21 December or the week before (I think 21). I do think Spirited Away would be a good choice, even though most of us have already seen it. Who wouldn’t watch it again??

And in January, are we going for Alice/Through the Looking Glass (with erudite comments from me about women/eating/changing body shapes…) or choosing something from the list on the blog? Grass by Sheri S Tepper sounds good, and I haven’t read it already!


15 11 2004

I was just thinking about a movie for december, and I haven’t seen Troy, and it’s a fun, will look pretty, doesn’t mind to much if we chat thro it, movie…

besides which, it’s a really good book (the iliad), so anyone who has read it can moan about the movie not being the same as the book, and anyone who hasn’t read it can go read it!!!!

I’m def free the Tuesday before Christmas, so that’s be a good day for me.


ps. loved loved loved oryx and crake!!!! is best book we’ve read so far!!!

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