28 10 2004

November’s selection is a bit more ‘mainstream’ (i.e. the literati and the author like to pretend this isn’t SF a lot of the time!) for us as we take on the last novel by Booker-prize winning author Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake (yes folks, it’s another Beth special! Go, Beth!). The next meeting is on Tuesday November 30th (Saint Andrew’s Night no less) from the usual time of 6-7pm. And it has a very cute laughing pig on the cover, which didn’t influence our selection at all, no sirree.

Halloween Grudge

28 10 2004

Susan says:

‘The Grudge’ which I was talking about on Tuesday, is being shown at cinemas on Sunday as a Halloween special preview. I’m going to go to the 8.50 showing at Ster Century. Would anyone from book group like to come? I’ll be buying the tickets at about 5 tomorrow, so let me know before that. Or just come along on Sunday night and I’ll see you there.

Let me know by email!