December As you all know we won’t have a meetin…

13 10 2004


As you all know we won’t have a meeting at the end of December because its too busy and lots of folk are off home etc. As a lot of us have expressed an interest in still getting together in December for an informal meeting – the Guildford surprisingly (heh) seems to be fave for a location – Thomas has suggested we start thinking on a book (or maybe a movie since its an al-fresco meeting?) to discuss – or do any of you have any other ideas? Suggestions to the usual address.

As an aside I’ve noticed that we are trend-setters, folks! BBC Scotland’s book club, which is linked to the current Writing Scotland series, is pushing our October choice of RLS. Hmmm, maybe we should go to Deacon Broadies after that one! If anyone is interested in a faithful-yet-different take on this classic tale then there is Mattoti’s gorgeously painted graphic novel version (review here)



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25 10 2004

I have only been to the pub once, I think. Is the Guildford quiet enough to talk or is the music too loud?

We should try and think of a Christmas-themed book/film to talk about…


28 10 2004

Hi, off topic about books, but did I leave my gloves at the meeting on tuesday? if so, can I come and pick them up from the shop?


28 10 2004

Hi again.

‘The Grudge’ which I was talking about on Tuesday, is being shown at cinemas on Sunday as a Halloween special preview. I’m going to go to the 8.50 showing at Ster Century. Would anyone from book group like to come? I’ll be buying the tickets at about 5 tomorrow, so let me know before that. Or just come along on Sunday night and I’ll see you there.

Let me know by email!


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