Thomas has suggested that anyone coming to a mee…

5 10 2004

Thomas has suggested that anyone coming to a meeting straight from work who is hanging around for the 6pm start could arrange to meet, most probably in our normal post-club Victorian delight of the Guildford. I know a couple of folk if they’re there early have just been coming down to the basement – the security guard knows most of you now I think and will let you down if you ask him nicely, or else he’ll ring me and get me to let you in.

As well as inviting comments on the books etc here, please also feel free to send me in relevant links (authors we’ve discussed, book forums etc) and of course any personal web sites belonging to our members (Alex and I have ours in there already!).

I had a call from a fellow SF fan at Edinburgh University Press who is a member of the local Doctor Who Appreciation Society. He did send in some fliers to give out but they arrived after the meeting, so I’ll give them out at the next meeting. In the meantime, if anyone is interested the flier details a special event the Edinburgh Whovians are having with sixth Doctor Colin Baker, with interviews, signings and a charity auction on Sunday 7th November from 12-5pm – details at



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5 10 2004

if you really believe that Bush should not be re-elected, send a blank
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12 10 2004

Can you put up a post saying that we should pick a book for the unoffical December meeting and also pick a date and location for that.

My suggestion for location would be a pub, probably the Guildford. As for date I think the normal last Tuesday of the month is out since that’s between Christmas and new year and lots of people will not be about, how about either Tuesday 14th or Tuesday 21st?

Alternatively the december book could instead be a movie or two in someone’s flat. Since I don’t know where I’ll be living then I can’t really offer a flat!


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