October 2004

3 10 2004

This month

Tuesday 26th of October is our Halloween special as we delve into the dark psychological underside of the human mind and desires with our city’s own Robert Louis Stevenson and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. If you only know it from the simplistic good versus evil of the movie or play adaptations then you are in for a treat.

Tuesday November 30th – Saint Andrew’s Night – will see us dipping our collective toes into the more mainstream of literary output in the shape of Booker-winning author Margaret Atwood’s recent Oryx and Crake. Set in a semi-dystopian future of environmental and genetic disaster and upheaval the author vehemently denied that this – or her earlier Handmaid’s Tale – were science fiction, which garnered her much ridicule among the SF community. She has finally relented and admitted there may be some SF elements to the novel. Is it SF or fantasy? Why not come along and discuss it?



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